Music is universal! It is a part of almost everybody’s lives, because music invokes feelings and emotions like no other can. Whether you are passionate about music as a hobby or you are a professional musician, having your own music room is not far from your mind.

Creating a music room is more than just the instruments, sound system, and furniture and fixture. Wall decors are as essential as any element to designing the music room. It completes the entire look of the room.

While it’s common enough to hang musical instruments for aesthetics, there are more creative ways to decorate the walls of a music room. These great alternatives to decorating a music room should get you started:

Music memorabilia

Think vinyl records, CD records, vintage instruments, and even turntables and old record players can be used to adorn the walls of the music room. Display vinyl records in glass cases or frame it. If you have a vinyl records collection, you can pick out your favorites and mount it on the wall of your music room. The said can also be done with CD records. Thrift shops and antique boutiques are a great hunting place for these collectibles plus you can easily work around your budget.

Another music memorabilia you can display on walls are concert posters and tickets. If you’re fond of attending concerts and music shows and you’ve collected these mementos, it’s as easy as curating it, deciding how to display it, and there you have it – a unique wall décor you can really call your own!

Music-themed wall stickers and decals

Simple, readily available, and fully customizable, music-themed wall stickers and decals are a fun way to decorate the walls of a music room. It comes in various designs that take inspiration from anything that involves music. You can choose the size of the wall sticker and decal so whether you’re working on a small space or one with lots of room, there is a wall sticker or decal that perfectly goes with it. Whether you’re leaning towards a more eclectic design or a minimalist vibe, there are a lot of options too. A wall decal or sticker can also be scaled as an accent wall for a more impactful effect.

Art prints

If your creative juices are running low, go for the foolproof design hack – art prints. First, think about what art prints you want to display on the walls of the music room. As there are tons of options available, look into what you really love, and decide from there. Next, think about how you want to display it. The common way is to frame it, but be more creative by using alternatives like metal clips or hangers. You can hang it in panels of three or create a gallery wall. Last but just as important is to find a reliable shop where you can buy it. There are many art prints online available, but go for a shop that delivers both good value for money and variety in designs.

Find wall decors and art prints that resonate with you. You can build the room around your musical preference too. The idea here is to make the music room your own, showing your unique personality. It’s all about you!

Artistic Wall Decors and Art Prints for Your Music Room